About Us

One of Cwm Derwen Riding Club's main aims when starting the club back in 2002 was to re-introduce people to the saddle, especially those mums and dads, whose children have grown out of their horses, gone to university or even left home and are now left looking after them!. As well as providing a relaxed atmosphere for people to learn, have fun and meet like minded people.

The objectives of the BRC movement are:

* To assist and encourage those interested in the horse
* To improve and maintain the standard of horsemanship
* To improve the welfare of the horse

British Riding Clubs (BRC) is governed by a democratically elected National Executive Committee (NEC) who meet up to four times each year. The NEC assists BRC office staff and advise on BRC policies.For administration purposes, BRC divides the UK into 23 areas. Each of these BRC areas elects a National Representative, who sits on the NEC. NEC members serve for terms of three years.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman's terms of office run for two years. A representative from the NEC also sits on the BHS Board of Trustees. Three sub-committees also form part of the NEC. These are the Competitions Committee, Marketing Committee and Training Committee.The BHS Board of Trustees is legally responsible for BRC finances. The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) also represents BRC.

BRC is administered by a team of staff based at the BHS headquarters in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. There is also a large volunteer network across the UK, without whose valuable assistance it would not be possible to run the vast number of local, area and national competitions available to BRC members.