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Please contact them with any queries you may have. - BUT please, please, keep phone calls to before 9pm, or email them at any time!

All the Riding Club members below have given their time to be on the Committee.
They are hard working individuals who also try to find the time to ride!


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Delyth Phillips
Tel: (01834) 813 411 Mobile: (07884) 286 083

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Club Secretary

Quita Bull
Tel: (01834) 861 044

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Assistant Secretary

Mary Pearse
Tel: (01994) 484 316
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Membership Secretary / Team  Co-ordinator & Training

Denise Nix
Tel: (07762) 989198

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Membership Treasurer

Natalie Phillips
Mobile : (07970) 921 589
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Other Committee Members
Andrea Philipps
Mobile: (07792) 172 824
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