What to expect at Rallies

Rallies are tuition sessions organised for all disciplines, or a combination of two or more. They can be private, shared or group lessons, it's completely up to you which you prefer. When booking in for a rally please contact the organiser to let them know whether you require a group, shared or private lesson. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Arrangements for Rallies

  • To enable the club to run efficiently, rallies run on a pre-booking system.
  • As much notice is needed to accommodate everybody
  • We run a ‘Kitty' system for our rallies – you send our treasurer a cheque of say £30 in advance
  • Charges for any rallies you attend will be deducted from your kitty
  • The Treasurer sends out a spreadsheet every month which details payments in and rallies attended, please read this to check your balance.
  • You can email our Treasurer at any time and she will let you know how much you have left in your kitty
  • Rallies are run to break even and make no profit

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel you will be charged for the lesson unless you can find a replacement. The club cannot afford to pay for cancelled lessons.

We do hope that we have your full co-operation with this, it is a club rule

Tuition and venue hire costs

Tuition is £30 per hour (if you share a lesson this charge is split), plus venue charge see below.

Bellevue, Ludchurch - are charged at £3.50 per person ( as of the 1st April 2015) for use of the school and jumps, but Isobel would like to donate this straight back to the RC to go in a fund for Dressage teams to attend the championships - if they win at qualifiers!!

Hafod Farm Stables - are charged at £10 per hour for use of school, so this will be split between the group and will paid directly along with cost of instructor out of your kitty. You do not need to take any money with you on the day for rallies at Hafod.