We are introducing a ‘credit scheme’ intended to reward members that help at RC. Without this help the riding club is unable to run regular events.

The credits you collect may be used as part or full payment(if you have enough!) for
* training/lessons
* entry fees for members days
* entry fees for area qualifiers
* club clothing

ONE CREDIT = £4.00

To earn credits members must help for
* a minimum of 3 hours at any members comps or fun days
* organise a members RC event
* help at an area qualifier
        3 hours help = 1 x credit
        Organising a RC event 2 x credits

Credits will be issued in the form of vouchers.  You must look after them, treat them as cash as they will not be re-issued if lost!

To redeem your credits it is wholly your responsibility to ensure Treasurer (Natalie) receives the hard copies in person before she can credit your account.

We hope this incentive will encourage everyone to take an active part in their club..... a club is only as good as its members!


Here you can also find out more about the British Riding Club Volunteering League.



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